Abeleto is the web development company of Amsterdam-based freelancer Branko Collin.

I mostly work for large web design and advertising agencies as a front-end web developer, focussing on HTML and CSS but also creating Javascript and jQuery, and as a Drupal and Wordpress themer.

I also develop websites from start to finish, drawing on my network of freelancers and small agencies for additional competencies such as visual design, copywriting and developing strategies.

Dutch project managers who want to hire me can read about my skills, rates and services at (Dutch).

Portfolio and résumé

Article archive

A previous incarnation of had a number of essays about web authoring. In the interest of historical accuracy you can still read these here as PDFs.

Title Published Download
Some guidelines for creating and storing web images 2004 English
Book review: Defensive Design for the Web 2004 English
De usability van het persbericht 2003 Dutch
Objective evaluation of likely usability hazards—preliminaries for user testing 1999 English
Nomenclature and recommendations for a website's page of expected entry 1999 English, Dutch


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